David Gary Wood


Now, September 11, 2020


I’m David Wood, I live in Te Whanganui-a-tara, New Zealand with my wife, our two children, and our cat Monty. We emigrated here from the UK nearly 3 years ago.

Day to day

At the end of February, I banged my head and suffered a concussion. I’m nearly recovered, and I suspect I’m at around 90% of my former capability.

I work full time for an awesome kiwi company as an iOS developer. During New Zealand’s COVID alert level 2, I’m working remotely from home.

I have been learning Android development in my daytime role, to stretch and round me out a little more as a developer.

In my spare time I do light reading, tinker a little with my indie projects, take a daily walk and do a small body weight based exercise routine. I photograph interesting things I find on my walk.


I record a podcast, weekly Waiting For Review with my friend Dave Nott. We talk about iOS development, tech and the Apple eco system.

We are currently on a break for a few weeks during September.

iOS indie projects

I have been slowly coming back to projects again in my spare time, since my head injury.

I’m currently building an app that will enable a new experience for daily affirmations and mantras.

Indie projects that I’m proud of include GoVJ , AirSynth and HoloVid .


I’m working on a collection of short stories, each no more than 100 words. I’d like to release this before the end of 2020.

Let's get in touch

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