David Gary Wood


Now, December 30, 2021


I’m David Wood, I live in Te Whanganui-a-tara, New Zealand with my wife, our two children, and our cat Monty. We emigrated here from the UK in 2017.

I like to help people find their way in tech. I mentor people looking to get into the industry, and particularly like to look after those going into iOS and Swift development. The more the merrier!

Day to day

I work full time for an awesome kiwi company as where I coach, mentor, and support a fantastic team of interns, and developers. They keep me very busy, and I’m loving it.

In my spare time I work on my indie iOS apps, record my podcast Waiting For Review , and generally chill out. I photograph interesting things when I go for walks.

At weekends I run with friends or my local ParkRun group on Saturday mornings.


I record a podcast Waiting For Review . I interview independent iOS developers to talk about iOS development, their projects, and the Apple eco system. The podcast started ‘Season 2’ a few months ago and has had 15 episodes with some great guests.

The podcast is currently paused until late January 22, when it will be rebooted with ‘Season 3’, in an updated format (watch this space).

iOS indie projects

I love making apps that do creative things with video.

Indie projects that I’m proud of include:

I have version 2.0 of GoVJ approximately 40% built, and I hope to relaunch the app soon.

I decided one side project wasn’t quite enough so I’m also working on:


I have a collection of short stories, on Smashwords: 100 words .

Let's get in touch

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