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July 22, 2020

I’m spoilt for choice. I write down all of my app ideas. They sit there in a folder in my notes app, or scribbled in real life notepads with sketches of the UI.

There’s a power, an energy in the process. Each idea could become something awesome, a tool, a service, a something that I will from nothingness into reality, simply by using my mind.

Sometimes, an idea will rise to the top. It grabs me, shakes me by the brain. This is always when the idea is the most dangerous, the most potent.

Caught up in the moment, I imagine it to be the most successful thing ever. The idea jumps from a smallest minimum viable product to being the thing that will save humanity. The best $insertideahere ever. It’ll be beautiful.

I wish I could bottle the feeling.

For me, this is rarely the best time to start development. It’s the ideal time to make a lot of notes. It might even be the right time to create a small project just to try that one specific edge case feature of an API. It’s just the wrong headspace for the actual making of a tool or product.

So what to do? I’m letting things percolate. I’m writing notes, and I’m finding out which ideas won’t quit bugging me after I rest them for a week or two.

Ideas are like dough at this stage. Little balls of dough. The right ones will rise on their own.

After some time, I’ll pick the one I just can’t put down.

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